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                 Welcome to the Embassy of the Republic of The Sudan in Bucharest

It gives us profound and great honour to introduce you to this website, which we hope will be of significant help and assistance to all. H.E the ambassador and all Embassy staff is delighted and appreciative of your visit to our newly updated website which was designed to be satisfactory to all visitors, those who want to get services from the Embassy, and who are keen to get first hand information on different developments in the country. The layout of the site is meant to be accessible and easy to browse. Click on the relevant link to get the required information, be it economy, politics, tourism, cultural or consular matters.

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In addition, the site will provide information about the new stages of cooperation between the Republic of Sudan and Romania, visits and official meetings.

This website reflects all necessary information for those wishing to visit Republic of Sudan. The site contains information about the activities of the embassy, tourist sites and rules for obtaining entry visas for foreign nationals.

All the Embassy staff is more than happy to assist you in whatever way possible to get acquainted with developments taking place in the Sudan. Once again, thank you very much for this valuable visit.



  History: Land of the oldest human civilization, kush or meroetic kingdom (800BC - 320 )
Location: An Afro-Arab country, situated in heart of Africa, dominated by river Nile
Capital: Khartoum
Area: 1.882 million sq. miles
Population: 36 million, with 2.6 % growth rate
Climate: Ranges between Tropical in South, desert in North
Currency: Sudanese Pound
Official language: Arabic, english as a second langauge
Religions: Islam, Christianit
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